Training new Flying Sensor operators

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A key factor in enabling an increase and efficiency in food production is providing farmers with relevant information. Such information is needed as farmers have limited resources (seed, water, fertilizer, pesticides, human power) and are always in doubt in which location and when they should supply these resources. Interesting is that especially smallholders, with their […]

New images from Xai Xai

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The past months HiView continued working on the USAID project in Mozambique. The project -called ThirdEye- aims at supplying smallholder farmers with information concerning drought and crop stress derived from our Flying Sensors. For this reason, several Mozambican operators in the irrigation regions of Xai Xai and Chokwe were trained to operate the Flying Sensors. […]

Flight operator kits made

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“Sensy” kits that hold the required tools for successful flight operation have been put together. They contain a Flying Sensor, accessories, spare parts, manuals, mini laptop, camera and more. The Flying Sensor that has been chosen for the job is a modified DJI Phantom. Its camera has been replaced by a custom near-infrared camera that […]